Monday, October 03, 2005

Dream 2

Have decided to blog all my dreams no matter how incompletely I remember them and how uninteresting they are. Will help when I eventually meet a psychiatrist.
I have forgetten many of the 'intricate' details of today's dream. Let me try and think. Like many of my dreams it broadly involved failure.
I was in a gameshow set in a small room with, I guess'cause there was this definite claustrophobic feeling. There were 2 others in the show, but they were sort of renegated to the background and I don't remeber who they were, though I did remember when I 'd just woken up. The host, I think was a fusion of my many Project guides.
First up the host throws me a plastic ball that I'm supposed to catch. I remeber thinking it's a piece of Piss, but then I fumble and worse, drop it . This was followed by a GRe word who's meaning I got correct. I think it was 'Ecclesiastical'. This was followed by him throwing 2 strips of paper simultaneously, catching me offguard as I was just expecting one. I try hard to catch both of them, but then manage only one. The host tells me I get 4 points. I wake up just as I wish the 2nd guy cocks up as well.


Blogger Mayank Mandava said...

you calleth this a dream? check out my foray into freud country

admitted its a bit edited, but who cares for literary integrity in today's world anyway.

5:04 PM  

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