Sunday, September 04, 2005

Dream 1

Just had a wacky dream. I was in my home, which was an apartment in Venice I think, because there was a canal right in front of the building, it figures later. Anyway, I'm fiddling with my molar, when it comes out. I'm slightly freaked, but then I admire the full tooth. When I say full tooth, I mean full tooth, all complete with the root and all, with the root covered with a small amount of soft flesh. I haven't seen a a tooth root, so I'm guessing it was'nt anatomically accurate, more like an artist's impression, I'm the artist btw, yeah right.
Suddenly Amma turns up and I show her the tooth. She admires it as well. I ask her whether I should screw it back in. She says its up to me. Then suddenly, I'm outside the apartment, mom is there with me and I wave a ship thats passing by to stop. The tantrum I pull off works and the ship's captain, who turns out to be Denzel Washington by the way, stops. I tell him I want to put the tooth back into the whale that it belongs to. Yeah, like it made sense untill now.
Anyway, Denzel washington is in military uniform, but it is after all a fishing boat, it has a whale, well one atleast. Once I see the whale, I start eating it..raw. Amma is sitting beside me and watching me eat it. She asks me for a piece. I'm kind of taken aback. I ask her when she quit vegetarianism. She does'nt reply, she's too busy eating the whale fin.
Half way through the whale, I realise that the tooth that I wanted to remove from the whale, is in my hand. So I start cleaning it, i.e removing the flesh thats on it. I remove the flesh and the tooth resembles a beautiful miniature pipe, marble white. I go back to amma and tell her that I want to thank Denzel Washington. She says, he's left on another ship. Yeah, so I see this other ship pass by, with Denzel standing on the deck in millitary whites and I give him on of those pretentious George Bushy salutes.
Anyway, then I have a look at the pipe and amma tells me that it's time to leave, Deepu is waiting, and sure enough I see him watching us from the apartment, looking at us with one of his bored looks. Thats when I woke up.
Venice? Casanova was from Venice. Casanova? or maybe Marquis de Sade.
Don't gat any ideas, was wikiing this morning.


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