Friday, December 09, 2005

post 7: [Fwd:Re: [Fwd: Re: Urgent]]

Sorry, I'm a braggart when it comes to brownie/chakra/karma points won.
Plus there seems to be a genuine paucity of material, not written
in a state of complete inebriation.

Due apologies/acknowledgements for the players involved.

* The obscene and objectionable post modernist poem in question has been accused of being too modern and has been deleted from what follows in the interest of posterity.

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> I think I'll go do the same


\Notice(Arkham Asylum, Feb 8, 2020)

\title{OCD Thing and Nerd Boy escape}


OCD Thing(aka Maachisman ala OCD Ghosh) and Nerd Boy
(formerly the insane
mathematician Subhojoy Gupta) escaped
from Arkham Asylum yesterday. The
ex-static duo escaped from
Arkham in broad daylight armed only with a
winning smile and a
certain grade sheet.\\
Police protection has been
given to the Vatsa, the ubercool leader of the
cult, who they have promised to freeze in Liq. N2, to
fulfill a
sense of irony and as a tribute to a certain Bollywood
of yesteryear.\\

Subhojoy Gupta, who won the 2015 Nobel prize for Economics, for proving
that a large fraction of the worlds leading physicists, who were 'loopy'
and 'high strung', were a waste of $ and $4$-dimensional spacetime[1], is
largely known to have turned the bend after Vatsa's seminal work[2], that
logically proved to him that he had gained no karma points for rendering
OCD Ghosh and his kind unemployed and insane. Post this experience, he
lost allsense of dimension in life and took to his inner desire for
violence, blood, gore and sex, and became the ubervillain, Nerd Boy.\\
It is to his credit that he patched things up with OCD Ghosh((by now the
ubervillain OCD thing ala maachisman ),known to have threatened to use
conformal field theory to send
his scrawny arse to the 11th dimension),
with a clever citation of [2].\\

Nerd Boy is also famous for being the only supervillain to run his own
comic strip[3].

[1] The world is 4 dimensional you morons, Subhojoy Gupta,PRL,1,-1,-1,
[2] Ab initio treatment of why freewillisbunk, Srivatsan et al,PRL,007,007,

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>> I think I'll go drown myself in liquid N2.
> Obit notice: (A Cool End to a Tragic Career)
> Srivatsan, better known as the 'Kutta' (22 years), escapist
> and notable adherent of the 'No-Free-Will' dictum, but otherwise a budding
> pot-smoking physicist with delusional fantasies of simultaneously being
> Larry David, Spike Spiegel, Syd Barrett and an obscure Indian chief, froze
> himself to his untimely death after a disastrous attempt at post-modernist
> poetry*, much to everyone's relief and joy. Congratulatory messages can be
> sent to Riaz Hakkim, F-313/I, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur 208016, India.
>>> say "please" ....
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>>> Hey Riaz,
>>> Do me a favour, asap. Please got to my room and forward to me the last 2
>>> mails that I sent myself.
>>> thanks,
>>> Vatsa

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pot Expt .1::chapter 25

The pussyfutting is over.
Here begins my first documented pot experiment.
Here what follows, will contain details of the documentation.

Lucyintheskywithdiamonds[STM loss]

chapter 25.<'Lynch'ed Beat style{Temporal [cut and pasting] Reorganisation}>

tHe mind is like a little feather, in an endless gale,
where none ever return, it
swi(r)ls up and down as in a whirlpool of stones,
it's freedom, all but free.

Jane returns sucess,
smoked in and out without error.


This world has more clarity
This wor(l)d is the truth.


Purporse served.
David lynch style.
Art is pretention,
and pretentious art.
With Melange.

Poetry coupled with the viual arts.
An art style, words painted in.
The final product. A Poem.
Correction, not an art style,
a literarary style, genre.

[the second painting]
Man within man, the second man,
upside down and going down,
swallowed down his spinal chord,
the same man in fear and pain,
with a halo on his head, like Zeus.
So ad infinitum.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

post 6

I turn 22 tommorow. The first half of my life ends. I guess thats cause enough to celebrate.

Well, atleast I know the Binomial Theorem.
I think I'll get back to getting my house back in order.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

post 5

Haven't blogged in a while. Haven't consumed illegal stuff for sometime and don't plan to in the near future. Clarity is underrated.
Have been dreaming. But the interesting ones were either too long or too lewd and security seems to have been breached thanks to certain people I used to know.
I think I'll have to start saying something, sometime soon.

Atleast this one's legible.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Dope 3

This is dope cronologically in between the earlier dope instances.
Jackass generic spoke tamil. mysic hoes with dope and so does slow motion of the right kind in the moives stahe 3 in the dope heirarchy i presumea heightened state of like never ever before i gurantee to the point we go tenperaturer contral begins after preexistant pressure control whtas earlier were pins and needles become a a superfluid covering the lower body half that control both temperature and pressure a sort of mean field pressure pressure field analytic..awe some

Monday, October 10, 2005

Dope 2

I don't know what i'm going to ramble on about, what I'm going to say and how I'm going to say it. Taking stream of consciousness to a new level. Had pot today or rather i took some pot a couple of hours back. Thats sad. I wish i had blogged at that very instant. I'm more or less down to earth, thanks to some surfing. That sucked.
Should I, Should I not. Will I. Will I not. Wont i, Wont i not. What crap. Dodo shit.
Will go to sleep now. That ot was hard. He he. Laughter does'nt go well with Caps. Gertrude Stein, I keep confusing my hair for another person. What in. These small i's suck. fuck. duck. muck. ruck. I meant tuck. The fish. The everlasting.............|............blah bla bla blah blah blaah.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Dream 2

Have decided to blog all my dreams no matter how incompletely I remember them and how uninteresting they are. Will help when I eventually meet a psychiatrist.
I have forgetten many of the 'intricate' details of today's dream. Let me try and think. Like many of my dreams it broadly involved failure.
I was in a gameshow set in a small room with, I guess'cause there was this definite claustrophobic feeling. There were 2 others in the show, but they were sort of renegated to the background and I don't remeber who they were, though I did remember when I 'd just woken up. The host, I think was a fusion of my many Project guides.
First up the host throws me a plastic ball that I'm supposed to catch. I remeber thinking it's a piece of Piss, but then I fumble and worse, drop it . This was followed by a GRe word who's meaning I got correct. I think it was 'Ecclesiastical'. This was followed by him throwing 2 strips of paper simultaneously, catching me offguard as I was just expecting one. I try hard to catch both of them, but then manage only one. The host tells me I get 4 points. I wake up just as I wish the 2nd guy cocks up as well.